Contemporary design from 1800 – the present

About GREAT ART – Contemporary Design

Subjects include – jewellery, graphics, architecture, furniture, appliances (radio, television etc), automobiles, aviation.


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please note: This blog is an academic study of applied and industrial art and design from 1900 up to the present.
The administrator of this blog has no financial or business connections with any of the designers, companies or organisations referred to in this blog.
The items represented in this blog are no longer commercially available in their original form and this blog forms no part of any advertisement for any product or service.

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  1. At last REAL design classics ie; products that transend the purpose for which they were intended, into artifacts that are a pleasure to behold when not functioning. Good designs does not decline with the passing of time, its does not seek to add or detratct from items aroun d it, it is a statement of its own self, and its designer.. .

    The PYE record player is one such product: A product of great beauty and intrigue, It is the only domestic radio / TV product without a logo on its case, no indicaion of its intended function, no external on / off switch, to use a complex symetrical curved case and to cover the curve in real walnut veener, The only domestic use of colour matched large injection moulding(s), the only record player with six graduated internal speakers,
    a specifically colour matched record deck, a floating pick up needle assembly, to use reverse phase projection sound,to featiure a sealed bass reflex cabinet, to use auto power switch off, to automatically adjust frequency with output with a loudness control in place of a vloume control, to use a totally transformerless amplifier, to specifically match the knobs to asthetics of the outer case, etc,etc etc etc – A design award is the only thing missing for this 1960’s master class in original britsh design.

    April 4, 2012 at 8:59 am

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